The Bad Batch: Bounty Lost Review

Wow, this was probably one of the best episodes yet. As the season progresses the episodes improve; there was more action, more drama, and most importantly, there was plenty of Star Wars lore. “Bounty Lost” was an episode that dove deep into the Kaminoans and their cloning process. We got to learn who Omega truly is, and on top of that, we got to explore the old abandoned cloning facilities. 

There, we saw some abandoned cloned Kaminoans. So, we can assume this is where they had perfected their cloning process by practicing cloning their species before moving onto humans for the Republic’s army. This was an exciting thing to explore because it helps to give the Kaminoans more depth and helps us to learn more about their species. 

The Chase

Crosshair is right on the tail of the bad batch as we begin the episode where we left off with episode 8. Crosshair’s burns and bandages make him look a lot like a famous bounty hunter, Dengar. Luckily it’s not because Cad Bane is already bad enough to have to worry about. He is one hell of a bounty hunter who has quite the reputation. 

Omega is wanted by the Kaminoan officials. She is needed for her genetic material, and after that, well, she’s useless and nothing but trouble. Her fate doesn’t look too bright right now, but we know that the bad batch will be on top of finding Omega and will do anything they can. 

Omega the brilliant

Omega has proven herself to be a smart addition to the crew. Her conversations with Cad Bane’s robot, Todo 360, have proven that she can outsmart a droid. It may not sound too difficult, but for a child to keep her composure while in captivity enough to formulate her escape plan is rather impressive. She saw an opportunity with Todo and his leg and took advantage of it, props to her. 

Plus, at least she fixed him first. 

Bane’s arrival

This is where we get to see the abandoned cloning facilities. The structures look very similar to the ones on Bespin. The Kaminoans must have had to seek solitude to practice their cloning processes and perfect them. The fog and cloudy atmosphere help to add to the seclusion of the planet and these facilities. 

As we had learned before, Omega is pure unaltered Jango Fett DNA. Boba Fett is Alpha, which explains Omega’s name. Her importance lies in her DNA, not in her abilities, and to make any other alterations to the clones the Kaminoans have now, they would most likely prefer to start with the pure DNA sample. 

The abandoned facility, built by Kaminoans, means that Omega is familiar with their computer systems and how to work the satellites and other devices around her. Fennec Shand had luckily tracked her down and saved her from being transferred to Taun We. By the time of The Mandalorian, she is a notorious bounty hunter, but we’re watching her humble beginnings. She’s cunning, fast, and can throw a mean head butt its no wonder she later became one of the meanest figures in the galaxy. 

Omega the fighter

Even on the ladder, Omega was able to put up a serious fight against Todo. She dodged his attempts to snatch her with ease and outsmarted the droid again. She took a quick way down and rode Todo down to the platform to find an escape pod. 

The bad batch had arrived just in time to save Omega from her free fall. They weren’t there to help in the fight, so, this episode is based entirely on Omega. It proved to be a thrilling episode that invited us to see the skills that Omega has. It makes sense now that Boba had become such an infamous bounty hunter; Alpha and Omega are truly magnificent clones. 

I have spoken

It looks like Fennec Shand is the good guy, too. Well, she was hired by the good guys, at least. Her role in the show has been to help keep an eye on Omega. As she follows from the shadows and takes direction (and payment) from Nala Se, we now know that Omega has an extra layer of protection. 

This exciting episode that featured some fantastic Star Wars lore was one of the best ones yet. Cad Bane, Fennec Shand, and Omega were all very intriguing figures to watch. Now that Omega is back in the care of the bad batch it will be interesting to watch what will come. 

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