Who Was the Hologram in The Bad Batch: Decommissioned

The latest episode of the Bad Batch had featured the Martez sisters. They were, well, they were the least favored part of The Clone Wars season 7, and Ahsoka’s arc that had featured them was just not as good as the rest. Tons of fans found the older sister, Rafa, to be a bit “too much,” always complaining because of the chip on her shoulder. 

Disaster Averted

The chip on her shoulder is from the Jedi trying to save a ship from landing on a populated platform. In Ziro’s grand escape, Cad Bane had shot one of the engines down on the ship, and the Jedi sprung into action to save it. They had successfully diverted the ship from crashlanding into the heavily populated platform, but it had, unfortunately, hit the wall to the Martez’s apartment. Their parents had seen the ship coming and saved the two sisters, but they were unable to save themselves. 

Realistically speaking, the Jedi saved countless other lives at the cost of two. I know it’s a very harsh reality, but those are some pretty good numbers, especially in a moment of a disaster such as that. Anyway, that is the cause of Rafa’s animosity toward the Jedi and the entire galaxy itself. Although she has joined the Rebellion, she still had the same bad attitude as she did in The Clone Wars. But this video isn’t about the Martez sisters; it is about who hired them to retrieve the tactical droid’s head. 

Who is the Hologram

At the end of the episode, Rafa had patched in to update the mission was a success. She let that person know that they were assisted by a group of rogue clones called “the bad batch.” Rafa had asked the droid R7 to start the transmission. R7 was last seen in The Clone Wars season 7 as Ahsoka was attempting to escape from the clutches of the newly turned clones. R7 bravely made a sacrifice for Ahsoka to escape and was gunned down by the clones for it. After Ahsoka had saved Rex and removed the chip, they had recovered what was left of R7 and rebuilt him. He is now in the hands of the Martez sisters, or realistically, looking out for them on their missions. 

With that said, there is a good chance that the figure in the hologram is Ahsoka Tano or Captian Rex. Now, Ahsoka is very popular among fans, and she would make a great addition to The Bad Batch. It would also help create some more hype around her new show that’s set to be coming out in 2022. 

But, there is the possibility that there could be too much Ahsoka. I know, how dare I say that. But, being able to see Rex and how he’s doing would be a fantastic thing. He was just as loved as Ahsoka Tano, and he has been through just as much as her. His chip was removed, and so he lost his brothers like Ahsoka lost the Jedi. Seeing an update on him would be fantastic. Unfortunately, though, Rex doesn’t really become a part of the rebellion until Rebels. And for Ahsoka, it is pretty similar. She’s not a huge part of the rebellion until Ezra and the gang find her. Hera was the only one who kept in contact with her to help keep her identity hidden from the Empire.

Another possibility is the figure is Bail Organa. The man who adopted Leia and helped to start the rebellion post Order 66. He was there to save Yoda from the clutches of Sidious and the clones. We know that Bail Organa is a large part of the rebellion and it later inspired Leia. Alderaan, his home planet, is one of the hubs for the rebellion as it helped to supply ships, weapons, and supplies. 

The Bad Batch takes place in such early stages of the formation of the Empire that Bail Organa makes the most sense for being the contact. But then again, how did the Martez sisters get their hands on the rebuilt R7 astromech droid? Perhaps Ahsoka and Rex have already met with Organa and the early stages of the rebellion. There is a lot that we don’t know for sure, but hopefully, we will get to find out soon.

I have spoken

There is a lot that I am personally hoping to see. Like the Empire’s rise as they become popular across the galaxy, the early stages of the rebellion and the planets and places they were using to hide out, and some more of the stormtroopers being put into action rather than the clone army. 

I hope this gets you thinking about who it could be a bit. There is also the possibility Maul is behind it pulling the strings under the disguise of the rebellion. What a fantastic twist that would be.

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