The Bad Batch: Decommissioned Review

A New Gig

Omega needs to learn some new skills if the bad batch is going to be hunted down by Shand and whoever else may have gotten the job. The weapon she is using is probably not ideal for someone of her size, but she has the spirit. That is until Cid brings them back to reality.

The bad batch has found their place in the galaxy, and it’s being mercenaries or guns for hire. These guys fit the job description perfectly, and this new job of theirs is exactly what they were designed to do. Sneaking into places, handling tactical droids, and just causing destruction. Their new boss, Cid, is a great help for them to stay in action and make some money. It also helps that she had a previous relationship with the Jedi. 

The Martez Sisters

The Martez sisters are back. They are from The Clone Wars Season 7; they had helped Ahsoka after she had to leave the Jedi Order. Those particular arcs weren’t the most favored by fans, but hopefully, we will get to see them in a new light in The Bad Batch. 

They are still doing what the Martez sisters do. I’d say what they do best, but to be honest, they aren’t very good at pulling jobs. Trace had swooped in and stole the tactical droid’s head off the conveyor belt, and that’s when all hell broke loose. Both parties had almost gotten away with the job, but of course, they were both there to recover it. 

The chaos that ensued was intense. It was some fantastic Clone Wars style fighting, and although they had struggled with making it out alive, the Martez sisters and the bad batch had learned to work together. Hunter’s bold move with taking down the platform was some epic fighting, and it feels that those tactics are a Bad Batch special. I hope we see more of that in the future.

Who hired you?

It looks like the Martez sisters have turned their lives around, and instead of doing petty crime jobs, they are working for a larger force, the Rebellion. This is the very early stages of the Rebellion as we get to see if even before what it was in Rebels. Hunter would rather give the information they had extracted to these strangers, who work for the Rebellion, rather than get paid. That says a lot about his character and his priorities. 

As the Martez sisters were flying out, they had called one of their supervisors to let them know the mission was a success. They didn’t take all the credit, and they shared that they got help from some rogue clones. She seemed intrigued as she told the hologram. We didn’t get to see their face, but a lot of fans are speculating that it could be Bail Organa. Other possibilities are Rex and Ahsoka. Which make a lot of sense considering R7 was Ahsoka’s droid during The Clone Wars.

With Organa, Ahsoka, or Rex now aware of the gang and their location, it is a possibility that we can see the bad batch fight with the rebellion. It was exciting to see Rex fighting alongside Ezra in Rebels, and so there is no doubt that fans would like to see more of that. Hopefully, we can see some of the founding members of the rebellion and the planets that they were hiding on as their numbers built. 

I have spoken

This was a very fun episode to watch. There was tons of action, we got to see the battle droids fighting, and it felt very much like a Dave Filoni work of art. Seeing the humor in the battle droids was a great addition to the episode, one of my favorite parts was watching them jump from the top down onto the security droids. 

Their relationship with Omega is proving itself to be very strong as they protect her and do whatever they can to keep her safe. Although Hunter may not have saved her from the conveyer belt, we could see the panic and the desperation in his eyes. 

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