The Bad Batch: Rampage Review

Omega and the team

Well, if it wasn’t already official with Omega’s room in the ship, it seems that the comlink has solidified her place in the group. She is one of them, and they care for her deeply. They know that they have to keep her safe, and after the run-in with Fennec Shand, the comlink is very necessary. As we can see, she’s pretty excited about it. 

Omega is also pretty intuitive. She knew that Cid was playing them and that she just didn’t want to be found. 


This seems like the perfect job for the Bad Batch. They’re enhanced clones with abilities that help make them superior in battle. I mean, is there any better line of work for them? I think not, and I know Cid would agree. The past experiences with the war will make them some of the best mercenaries out there. 

Wrecker still appears to have a bit of a headache. While flying to rescue Muchi, he had to excuse himself because it was hurting so bad. 

Muchi, the target for this mission, appears to be held up in the Zygerrian slave trade. A very nasty business that is now being allowed to flourish under the new Empire is growing every day. The Bad Batch is luckily out there to help the poor souls who are trapped in this life. 

The employer

The Bad Batch got hired by Cid, but from who did Cid get this job? Well, in the hologram conversation, we didn’t see a face, but the character was definitely speaking Huttese. Could it have been Jabba’s spokesman, Bib Fortuna? Is the Bad Batch doing a gig for the one and only Jabba the Hutt? I really, really hope so. 

Omega stayed back, and it worked out for the Bad Batch, who are now victims of the slave trade. Omega, of course, got caught, too, but not before she unlocked the cage of the baby rancor. This adolescent rancor is actually kind of cute and knows how to kick butt. 


Well, it looks like Muchi is the rancor, and so it would make perfect sense if Jabba is the one who hired them to recover her. Jabba is known to deal with exotic creatures from around the galaxy, and everyone knows that Jabba has had a rancor, or two. He even had a rancor keeper working full-time at his palace. 

As Muchi runs for her life, as she should, the Bad Batch and the Zygerrians are after her. Now that Muchi is upset and the Zygerrian is no longer controlling that lizard Muchi kicked its butt. Like she really showed her. Now, it’s up to Wrecker to challenge her to be the alpha. That is literally the perfect job for Wrecker. 

Bib Fortuna came to recover his prize. Jabba, as we all know, is very impatient and so he sent Bib to find out what was taking so long. The Bad Batch had delivered for Cid, and so she repaid the favor. 

Cid gave Hunter the information that he requested. They found out who Fennec Shand is, but they still don’t know exactly why they are after Omega. Hopefully, that will be uncovered soon. 

I have spoken

This episode has shown a lot of the Star Wars universe. We get to see how big it is with the different planets an the isolation, but at the same time, the Bad Batch doing a job for Jabba the Hutt shows how small it is, too.

What did you think of this episode? I enjoyed the expansion into different planets, as well as incorporating the one and only Jabba the Hutt. The series is certainly picking up as the episodes progress. Let me know in the comments your thoughts. Thank you for reading, please check out the Youtube channel, and remember, utinni! 

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