The Bad Batch Episode 1: Aftermath Review

First things first, May the 4th be with you. Today is a very exciting day. There are tons of new Star Wars shows and documentaries that just dropped on Disney+, and all I can say is, wow. The Bad Batch premiere is one of them, and this show will help fill in the gaps between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Solo, and even Rebels. The Clone Wars animation is outstanding, and it is exciting to see a new show in the same style.

The Bad Batch

The show picked up exactly where I was hoping it would. Right away, it felt exactly like The Clone Wars, and we get introduced to two very familiar Jedi. Depa Billaba and the one and only, Caleb Dume. The show begins right as General Kenobi begins to pursue Grievous, and so we all know what is shortly to come. 

Depa Billaba as she overhears Palpatine give the command for order 66.

Order 66, the tragedy of the Jedi Order, is once again seen. We all had to briefly relive it, but it is vital to the story of Star Wars as it fills in the gaps for everything we did not get to see. We get an explanation as to why the clones of the bad batch are not affected by the inhibitor chips (or at least almost all of them) as they try and uncover just what’s going on.

The end of the clones

Star Wars: Rebels had given us a good indication of how the clones were phased out for the Empire to begin recruiting citizens of the galaxy. Tarkin, the force behind the push for phasing out clones comes to test them all.

Tarkin arrived on Kamino with intentions to cancel the Kaminoan’s cloning. Their contract was with the Republic, but now it has been dissolved. The Empire has taken its place, so he doesn’t see that they need to uphold their end. He is a very serious figure and one of the closest ones to Emperor Palpatine himself. Tarkin’s word goes, and as Omega implied, they should not trust him.

Tarkin as he observes the Bad Batch in their training test.

Tarkin’s mission for the bad batch is supposed to test their loyalty, so I am sure you can imagine just what it will entail. The first sign of the rebellion is their target and it reveals the intentions of the Empire to Hunter and the rest of the bad batch. The newly self appointed Emperor and their superiors have lied to them and everyone, except Crosshair, begins to see how corrupt the Empire is.

The Fifth

It is revealed to us who Omega is and why she is such an important figure. She is an enhanced clone and the crew feels responsible to get her and save her from Tarkin and the Empire. But as we saw, Tarkin was spying on them during their mission and so the Empire was waiting for their return.

Omega, the 5th defective clone and new part of The Bad Batch.

Crosshair is the only one on the mission who showed loyalty to the Empire and even though his chip may not be working as well as the “regs” they were able to intensify the chip and its communication with the brain. He is now a full-on Imperial clone trooper similar to the rest of the “regs.”

The bad batch had lost a member, but in the process, they had gained a new one. Omega looks like she will be a valuable asset to the team, not only because of her enhanced clone abilities but because she had saved them by shooting Crosshair’s blaster out of his hands. She had a perfect shot the first time she picked up a blaster, so perhaps Omega will be Crosshair’s replacement.

I have spoken

This was an incredible first episode. A nice, long introduction to The Bad Batch and what is to come. It is exciting that we can see the clone as they turn and the Empire in its early stages. As Tarkin does whatever he can to help the Empire rise out of the former Republic, the bad batch does what they can to survive.

There is a lot of promise for this show with all the directions that it can take. The Star Wars universe is getting much bigger with shows like these, and they are very welcomed. Omega was a fantastic new character to be introduced and was instantly very lovable. 

I am eager to see the rise of the Empire, the bad batch as they try and navigate their new place in the galaxy, and everything else that this show will have to offer.

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