What to Expect for the Ahsoka Tano Series

Among the ten scheduled shows for Disney+, Ahsoka Tano is a character who will be getting her own show. Well deserved, Ahsoka Tano has been through a lot, she fought in the Clone Wars, left the Jedi Order, survived order 66, faced off head-on with Darth Vader, and has seized cities and ships with little to no trouble at all. As seen in The Mandalorian Chapter 13, she had become a phantom on that damaged jungle planet and killed hired guns with ease.

Ever since Ahsoka Tano’s first appearance in The Clone Wars in 2008, she has come a long way and has shown an insane amount of character development. We were able to watch this character grow up in a very difficult time of the galaxy and it is reflected in her bravery and attitude as she fights on for not only her survival, but the people around her. Even after being through so much, she is still moving forward.

So, What can we expect?

The Mandalorian Chapter 13 gave us a good indication to what Ahsoka’s journey is. After the events of the season finale for Rebels, Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn were sent into deep space. A sacrifice made by Ezra to get rid of Thrawn in an effort to help the rebellion worked, but now Ahsoka is going after her dear friend, Ezra.

The episode had shown us that she was after one of Thrawn’s puppets, the magistrate who was running the operation on Corvus. After finishing her problem there, Ahsoka gives Mando some assistance in his next step with finding other Jedi for the child. She is too busy with her journey of finding Grand Admiral Thrawn, who may know where Ezra Bridger is.

Ezra could already be dead. The sacrifice could have killed him while effectively getting rid of Thrawn until the Rebels could defeat the Empire. His mission would have proved successful, but if he is dead, it is safe to assume Ahsoka wants answers. And most likely revenge, since she is not a Jedi and does not have to follow the code.


Bo-Katan was a major hit in The Mandalorian and due to her popularity, it feels safe to assume that we will get to see more of her there. That leaves Ahsoka’s other close Mandalorian friend, Sabine Wren. Last we saw of Sabine was she heading off with Ahsoka to find Ezra and bring him on. The two could have possibly split up, with Sabine looking for Ezra and Ahsoka going off to find and defeat Thrawn.

Ahsoka is a good pilot, I’m sure, but to help get around she may need someone better. Hera is a past character who we can potentially see take up the reigns of her pilot, but that also would give the Ahsoka Tano series too strong of a Rebels vibe by introducing so many of those characters here. Hopefully we can see some new character take up the role, unless Ahsoka strictly works alone, which wouldn’t be too big of a surprise after seeing her take out half of Corvus, alone.

In exciting cross-over event, we could potentially see Mando. Now that he is free from his duties to help Grogu find a Jedi master, he could be out returning the favor to Ahsoka. He could assist with recovering Ezra and help rebuild the relationship between the Mandalorians and the Jedi. Originally I thought Grogu would be the one who does it, but perhaps he is just the one who was able to open to door to that opportunity. Mando also has the dark saber to establish his role as a leader for Mandalore.

On the topic of a Mandalorian cross-over, we could possibly see Ahsoka run into Luke and Grogu. Now that he is a Jedi master he will be busy training Grogu and trying to find the location for his Jedi academy. Ahsoka can possibly provide some assistance to Luke, especially because she already has a connection with Grogu.


Under the assumption that the plot will mainly consist of Ahsoka Tano searching for Thrawn, it is safe to say that the show will be taking place on a plethora of Star Wars planets, similar to The Mandalorian. There is plenty of depth to plenty of Star Wars planets to do an entire show on just one, but why not take advantage of what Star Wars has to offer? There are hundreds of planets to choose from and they can even take the liberty of creating their own to keep the universe growing.

It seems safe to say that the show will be taking place on numerous different planets, moons, ships, and areas of space. Thrawn could be hanging out on a moving ship rather than stationed on one planet.

The show is set to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

What do you think? Will we see Ahsoka finally catch Thrawn? Do you think that Ezra is still alive? Will she run into Luke and Grogu on the way?

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