The Clone Wars Planets: Season 5

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The first episode kicks off with Maul and Savage going ham across the galaxy. The episode mostly takes place on Florrum, but they do attack an outpost over Cybloc in the Cybloc System. This is located in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. 


The next episode takes place on the planet Onderon. This is a jungle planet that is located in the Inner Rim of the galaxy. This planet had aligned itself with the Separatists, so the clones had gone to the planet to help Saw Gerrera and his sister hold out against the droid army. 

Their efforts were successful and it had opened the door for them to join the galactic republic. That is until Palpatine made himself Emperor and seized control of the planet… again. I can see why Saw was so angry. 


The Clones spend a few episodes on that planet and after that one, we move onto Ilum, the planet that was used by the Jedi to get their kyber crystals to build their lightsabers. In this episode, Ahsoka takes some younglings to get theirs. 

This planet was already covered in The Force Awakens Planets, but as a refresher, it was in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. This planet was a holy location to the Jedi until they were wiped out. Afterward, it was used as the Starkiller base. A sad fate for the planet, with so much history. 

As seen in the episodes, on their way home they are interrupted by the notorious pirate, Hondo Ohnaka, and end up on Florrum for a few episodes. This is another planet that has already been covered. 


Abafar is the next planet on this list and this is a terrible and inhospitable environment. It is a remote desert planet in the outer rim territories of the galaxy. There is not much life on this planet, except it does host rich rhydonium deposits and so there have been a few mining settlements set up out there. One was set up by the Clone Army, and another by a notorious gangster, Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

The title of this episode got its name from the nickname the desert on this planet has received, “The Void” because it distorts light and you cannot see shadows. 


The next few episodes take place in the void and when they are finally able to escape that planet we see the planet Carida. This planet is in the Colonies region. This is a mountainous planet that had the Valor space station orbiting it and when the Empire had taken over the planet had become home to the Imperial Academy and a naval docking facility. 


The next moon to look at is Zanbar. This moon is in the outer rim territories and where the Death Watch has its base located. Here, Maul made an alliance with the Maul and Savage and formed the Shadow Collective. The moon is home to swampy vegetation and plateaus of striated rock. 

The next few episodes take place on Mandalore where Maul launches his plan to lure in Kenobi.

Cato Neimoidia 

The next episode takes place on Cato Neimoidia, this planet is in the Colonies region. The planet was the base of operations for the Trade Federation and so the planet was extremely wealthy. The inhabitants of this planet are the Neimodians, the ones who we see in charge of the Trade Federation. The planet has acidic oceans and high rock formations where the vegetation thrived. It was very foggy due to the acidic oceans.


And the season finishes off on Coruscant as we follow Ahsoka as she tries to navigate being accused of a crime she did not do. This was a heartbreaking thing to see, but it was a part of her journey. 

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