The Clone Wars Planets: Season 3

Welcome back to another Star Wars planet series. This week, we are going to take a look at the planets that are featured in the first half of the Clone Wars season 3. I think this is where the show starts to pick up and The Clone Wars starts to get interesting.


The first episode of season 3 is “Clone Cadets” where we get to see a bad batch of clone troopers try and navigate the training process for becoming an official clone for the Army of the Republic. This episode takes place on Kamino, where the clones were first created. The Kaminoans are brilliant when it comes to cloning. The planet was covered in the “Attack of the Clones” video.


The next episode takes place on Kamino, too and so we are moving forward, the next episode on the list takes place on Ryloth. This is the home of the Twi’lek species and the planet is located in the outer rim territories. This planet was a point of interest during the war as it was the place where Dooku sought out civil unrest to push for an imbalance in the outer rim territories. It seems that if Ryloth goes, the rest of the outer rim planets will follow.


“Sphere of Influence” is the next episode on the list. The moon that is featured here is Pantora, which is located in the outer rim territories of space. The moon orbits Orto Plutonia. The planet is inhabited by the Pantorians who are a blue, humanlike species. This planet was covered in season one.


In the next three episodes, we are taken back to Mandalore, which was featured in the season two article. At the end of that third episode, we finish off on one of the most popular planets in Star Wars, Coruscant.

Nal Hutta

The next episode is when Cad Bane breaks Ziro the Hutt out of jail and we are taken to Nal Hutta, the homeworld of the Hutts. It is a very swampy plant and there is not too much going on out there aside from mass amounts of criminal activity due to its location and seclusion in the Outer Rim territories.

There are tons of swamps and bogs covering the planet, making it unfavorable to settle on.

The tenth and eleventh episodes take place back on Coruscant, the capital planet of the Galaxy.


The first planet that we are going to look at is Dathomir. Episode 12 is when Asajj flees back to her home planet to escape Dooku and Sidious’s betrayal. Dathomnir is home to the night sisters and Dathomirians.

This planet is where Darth Maul is from and the night sisters have a strong connection to dark magic, something that is similar to the force, more so the dark side. The magic of the night sisters is represented with a green aura. The Dathomirians are intense warriors and the males live on the other side of the planet where they hone in their warrior skills and abilities.


We do not see any new episodes until we begin the Mortis arc, at episode 15. Here we meet a powerful force-wielding family who calls on Anakin, Kenobi, and Ahsoka. There, Anakin was tested to see if he is truly the chosen one. The planet is an extremely strange one, Mortis was a realm of the Force which contained dreamlike environments; it could not be mapped, and even its landmarks appeared in different locations.

The daytime was a time of peace during which luminous creatures moved about lush fields, green mountains, and stunning vistas. The light had a healing quality, though it came from no star. When night fell the plants withered and died, the creatures vanished, and the few stars that shone in the black sky were unidentifiable. Scalding rains swept the terrain, making survival without shelter near impossible.

Lola Sayu

After the Mortis arc, we are taken to the planet Lola Sayu where we see the separatist who took over the Citadel, rather early in The Clone Wars. A strike team was sent to rescue Jedi Master Piell and his fleet officers, but because their ship was destroyed in the attempt to escape, an entire fleet of Republic ships arrived to rescue them and the planet became a site of a large battle. As seen in the few episodes that feature this planet and story, the surface is inhospitable.


The final two episodes of this season take place on the Trandoshan moon Wasskah, which is where the Trandoshan species hunts down living animals. Their version of “The Most Dangerous Game.” The hunt takes place on a small island on the moon, Island Four.

We also get to meet Chewbacca in this series as we get insight into Chewbacca’s interesting life that had plenty of twists and turns. Where is Chewbacca’s series?

And there are all the planets for you folks, which has been your favorite from season 3?
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Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!


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