The Clone Wars Planets Season 2

Welcome back to the Sandcrawler News planet series. This week we are looking at Season 2 of The Clone Wars.

The first episode kicks off with an exciting one, Cad Bane infiltrates the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to steal a Holocron. This of course has already been covered in the first planet series video, The Phantom Menace, but at the end, Ahsoka and Anakin go to the planet Devaron in search of Jedi Master Ropal. 


This planet was in the Duluur Sector. The natives, the Devaronians were some of the first people to ever travel space. Spaceports began popping up all over the jungle planet. The landscape was covered with mountains and jungles, as well as hosting numerous rivers.

During the imperial era, the planet was used by high ranking officials for hunting grounds, going against the planets desire for preserving the beautiful natural environment.

Episode 2 takes place on the Munificent-class star frigate where Anakin finds Jedi Master Ropal in his cell, dead. He was tortured to death after refusing to open the Holocron for Bane.

The third episode of the series takes place on 3 planets that are familiar to us.


Rodia in the outer rim territories is the first one to look at. Cad Bane poses as a Jedi to steal force-sensitive children from around the galaxy and use them for Darth Sidious to train in the dark side. 

Rodia is a swampy jungle planet and, of course, home to the Rodian people. They were extremely influential so the planet was sought after during The Clone Wars. 


We see the planet Naboo in the mid rim, Mustafar, in the outer rim territories, and then we also see Coruscant, again. These planets have all been covered, but as a reminder, or for those of you who are new, Naboo is the planet that Padme is from, as well as Sheeve Palpatine. This planet is in the mid rim.


Mustafar is the lava planet where Anakin and Obi-wan had their showdown and is in the Outer Rim territories. The planet was used by the Separatists, that is until Vader had something to do with it. 


Episode 4 is a thrilling spy episode that takes place on Coruscant, so there is nothing new there.


Episode 5 takes place on Geonosis, covered in the Attack of the Clones article, this planet is where the Clone Wars began and home to the Geonosians, who built a droid building factory. The seclusion of the planet was also the reason why the Empire had built the death star above it. 

The next 2 episodes also take place on Geonosis.


In episode 8, Brain Invaders, we get to Dantooine, which is in the outer rim territories. It has green fields, swamps, lakes, and is an all-around lush and green planet. This planet was covered in the A New Hope Planets.

Ord Cestus

We also get to see a station near Ord Cestus, which is also in the outer rim territories. There are not too many details about this planet, but the Republic did set up a medical outpost on the planet during the war. 


In the next episode, we are taken to the planet Saleucami in the outer rim territories. This planet is where Jedi Master Stass Allie was killed during the great Jedi purge. Unfortunately for the once peaceful planet that wished to stay out of the war, they were invaded by the separatists.

The republic was able to eradicate the separatist’s droids and army but eventually, they would turn into the Empire.

The episode that follows this one is the conclusion to the mini-arc and so we move onto “Lightsaber Lost” which takes place on Coruscant. 


The next planet on the list is Mandalore. The infamous planet that is home to the brave warriors, The Mandalorians. They are known around the galaxy for being exceptional fighters and their armor being one of the toughest things in the galaxy. It can withstand lightsaber strikes and blaster bolts, as seen in The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian

The planet itself is inhospitable through the constant warring of the culture and so now they live in protected domes lifted off of the surface of the planet. 

Satine Kryze had tried to change Mandalore into a peaceful planet and it had worked for a while until some extremists had pushed for change. Maul took control of the group and changed Mandalore back into the warrior society after he had killed Kryze in front of Obi-Wan. 


Episode 13 through 15 takes place on Coruscant, which has been seen in plenty of episodes and movies and so we move on to the 16th episode, which takes place on Christophsis. This planet is in the outer rim territories. The planet was invaded by the Separatists and so the Jedi and Clone Army needed to push them out. It took a couple of tries but eventually, they succeeded.

Christophsis’ surface was covered in forests of naturally occurring turquoise crystal spires, which gave the planet its blue appearance.


The next planet takes place on the beautiful and strange planet of Felucia. This planet has been covered in the Revenge of the Sith article and so we will move on to the next episode.


“The Zillo Beast” is the next episode, this episode takes place on Malastare. This planet is in the Mid Rim of the galaxy. The planet is covered by forests and has very rich deposits of fuel in the core. The native species, the Dugs, cleared out large portions of land to mine for the fuel. This is where they would encounter the Zillo beast.

A very interesting thing about this planet is that it hosts podracing events and the sport is very popular there.

The next episode is the conclusion to the Zillo beast problem and so we move on to episode 20. Boba Fett is the star of this episode that takes place onboard the Endurance. He had gotten the ship to crash land on the planet Vanqor. the homeworld of the Gundark species.
Vanqor is in the outer rim territories of the galaxy.


The next episode also takes place on Vanqor as Boba Fett tries to get revenge on Mace Windu for killing his father. This is the homeworld of the Gundark species and Vanqor is in the outer rim territories of the galaxy.


In the next episode, we are taken to Florrum. This is a harsh, desert planet in the Outer Rim territories of the galaxy. This planet is where Hondo Ohnaka ran his notorious pirate gang. The planet is far from the trade routes and so the remote location and inhospitable environment make it a perfect haven for criminals such as Hondo.

There are all the planets from Season 2. Thank you guys for reading, don’t forget to subscribe down below to keep up with the latest and greatest Star Wars news!


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