Who the Force is That?! Constable Zuvio

Hello everyone and welcome to Who the Force is That?! Today, we are going to look at an interesting looking character from the fan-favorite show that is FINALLY back, The Mandalorian.

Constable Zuvio is the alien that we are going to look at today. This character was recently seen in the Mandalorian season 2 first episode but was created for The Force Awakens and ended up being entirely cut from the film. His species is a Kyuzo.

So it looks like Zuvio has some interest in those underground Gamorrean fights, which is interesting because he works as a lawman on Jakku, or did. He could be here undercover, but I highly doubt that. Anyhow, he was the Constable at the particular settlement on Jakku. He was head of both the Office of the Constable and the Niima Outpost. There was a need for order and he stood up.

One of the higher points in Zuvio’s career was the the great starship robbery. This was a whole mess, but Zuvio was able to outsmart the droid, CZ-1G5 and was able to get him to reveal that it was infact RIkard Lovas who was behind the robbery. Lovas was a wealthy man who actually owned the banking ship that was stolen.

It is worth nothing that Zuvio was famous for his dedication to justice and the desire to keep the peace. He was able to resist any bribe and was someone you wanted on your side. He was well equipped, but the most notable feature on him was his Kyuzo war helmet, which was decorated in green and red, the same as his body armor and guantlets.

A nice addition to the Mandalorian season 2 first episode, Zuvio was created for The Force Awakens and recycled for the show. The Mandalorian team has a great way of pulling this off.

Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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