The Mandalorian Chapter 15 “The Believer” Breakdown and Review

First off, I’d like to thank my Jawa readers who have helped support the Sandcrawler Blog. This is our 100th post and how fitting that it is for The Mandalorian. Also, how about all those new shows to look forward to? The Mandalorian left us off last week with a bit of a heartbreaker. Gideon had gotten possession of the child with the help of his dark troopers and it seems that he has the upper hand, for now. 

The marshall

Cara Dune has some pull with her new position as Marshall and she can just waltz right in and get Mayfeld from the New Republic prison. With the help of Boba Fett, they can pick him up and move to get the coordinates for Moff Gideon’s ship.

Boba’s armor looks almost brand new, now. He must have some smithing skills under his belt or stopped and met that armorer because that armor looks pristine. Now, Mayfeld can retrieve the information they need, but first, they need to get into the refinery that holds Imperial information. 

The Gig

The death troopers from Rogue One are back in this episode and the perfect uniform to help hide Mando’s face. It looks like he is back together with Mayfeld for this job as they are the only two that can go in to get the coordinates.

Mando and the gang steal imperial transport to sneak themselves into the compound. The rhydonium is highly volatile and it’s not an easy thing to be carrying around, especially after seeing those destroyed juggernauts. 

Mayfeld shares his insight into what he believes is going on in the galaxy and is getting under Mando’s skin. It’s kind of funny how much emotion he can convey being covered up the way he is. But, Mayfield’s moment is ruined when some pirates come for their shipment of rhydonium. 


As seen in the blown-up juggernauts, the rhydonium is not something to mess around with. And then we have Mando just shooting these pirates left and right over their shipment of rhydonium. The fighting that follows is great, Mando such a great close-quarters fighter that the pirates never even stood a chance. 

That is until every single one busted out a grenade and had the sole intention of blowing that juggernaut up. Thanks to the help of the Empire and their air support, the pirates had met their match. A small shoot-out followed on the bridge, but Mando and Mayfeld were safely away by that point.

The information

To get the information, someone needs to scan their face for the computer to see. But, who will be the one to do that? Mayfeld saw his old superior and so he is a bit nervous to walk by and scan his face. So, Mando is the one that needs to do it. And to do that, we need to see his face, so does everyone around him. 

He is breaking his creed and Mayfeld has finally seen his face. But one of the most notable things about this was the conversation they had with their superior. Mayfeld shows a side of him that he despises. The Empire had exposed him to many unpleasant memories and this guy’s reaction to Mayfeld’s loss of friends is more than insulting enough. 

Mayfeld loses his cool and shoots the guy point-blank. I can’t blame him I would have done the same thing it was hard to listen to this guy and what he believed in. To get out of that situation, Mando and Mayfeld just started blasting everyone in their path. Including the other superiors in that room. It’s not too much, but it is a huge thing for the Empire to lose those important figures. 

Mayfeld also shows a sensitive side toward Mando, for once. The way he sees it, the superiors had died, they all saw Mando’s face. It turns out Mayfeld is not too bad of a guy, after all. 

The Rescue

Boba Fett comes in with his ship to pick the guys up while Shand and Dune are on the hill watching with snipers. Thank goodness for them, Dune and Shand had taken out at least a dozen troopers. Their sharpshooting was pivotal for their escape, and it was entertaining to watch. They are both extremely impressive with their blasters. 

Boba Fett and his Slave One swoop in for the save, but before they can clear the refinery Mayfeld has one last thing to do. He grabs the cycler rifle, the one that Boba had been carrying around the desert, and takes one shot on the juggernaut they drove in. Kaboom, there goes the refinery. As he said, “everyone has to sleep at night”. 

A few tie fighters follow in pursuit of the Slave One, but Boba has a trick up his sleeve and drops a seismic bomb to take them out. The shockwave cut through them like butter and we haven’t seen that bomb in action since his father used one against Kenobi. 

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The gang now has Gideon’s whereabouts and plan to get the child back. The finale will be the major rescue as this episode had set it up. Gideon has something that Mando wants and he delivers an all-too-familiar speech. 

Overall, this episode was a lot of fun to watch. The beautiful green planet felt like Star Wars, where the location of the last episode, not so much. Getting a glimpse of the Empire and their operations on different planets are a great insight into how they were able to survive and eventually rebuild the First Order. 

This was an exciting episode, the pirates, the sneaking around, and finally, the great escape. This episode had it all, but the close up into the Empire and their operations was an exciting thing to see, it felt like in Fallen Order when you explore some remote Imperial locations. Bill Burr’s return as Mayfeld was a lot better than the first episode with him. It looks like some jail time did his character good. 

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