The Mandalorian Chapter 13 “The Jedi” Breakdown and Review

This season has been an incredible one so far; we have been introduced to some incredible figures from The Clone Wars, Rebels, and even some novels. Everything has been extremely well done, too. There is not the blatant pandering to fans that ruin some productions, but its subtle hints to the past and future of Star Wars that we already know. This episode is no different and with Dave Filoni directing this one, there is no doubt that Chapter 13 will just as great as the others.

That was quick

We knew that we are going to finally see Ahsoka Tano in this episode, but damn was that quick. The opening scene, where Ahsoka is storming the village to find the information she needs shows how intense of a warrior she has become. She swept through the forest like nothing, killing everyone in her path. 

The opening scene is extremely intense and it is a perfect way to introduce us to the planet Corvus and the intense relationship between the Empire and civilians here. It has given us the setting to this now desolate-looking jungle planet that has been stripped of just about everything green because of the Imperial War machine. 

We get cut to Mando and the child, who is using the force to play with his favorite toy. Another cute moment between the two that will be important later. Now Mando needs to find Ahsoka Tano, so he heads to town to get some information on her whereabouts. Usually, he can walk right into towns, find a cantina, and get some information, but this place is different. A local tells him to please not speak to anyone, the civilians are not free here and the Magistrate has installed a heavily enforced curfew. 

That was quick, again

After some weird interactions in the town, the Magistrate calls for Mando to talk to him and have him get rid of her “Jedi problem.” This shouldn’t be too hard for Mando, as she says the Mandalorians are the ancient enemy of the Jedi. Their armor is impervious to not only blaster bolts, but lightsaber strikes and so they actually could get close to a Jedi in combat, while having the gear to fight from a distance. The jetpacks helped level the playing field, too. 

But, it didn’t take long for Mando to get the information he needs to find Ahsoka out in the dead forests of this planet. He didn’t agree to kill the Jedi for the Magistrate, so he is out looking for like he originally had planned, to talk to her and give her the child to train in the force. 

Nice Armor

That beskar came in handy in this confrontation. The phantom that Ahsoka has become came to play here and she came out of nowhere. Mando had the gadgets necessary to fight back after the beskar protected him and we got a quick glimpse into the epic battles the Mandalorians and Jedi would get into. 

Mando mentions Bo-Katan’s name and Ahsoka backs down, knowing exactly what Mando is there for after seeing the child sitting on the rock. One of the biggest things about this episode is that we finally get a name for the child. His name is Grogu and we learn about his past a little bit. He grew up on Coruscant and was trained by some Jedi and smuggled out of there when Clone Troopers turned. 

Grogu has seen some stuff, the poor little guy has been smuggled around and his life turned upside down with the rise of the Empire. With them still hunting him, the child must find refuge, whether it be with another Jedi or a team of Mandalorians and Jedi, he should learn the ways of the force and not allow for their ways to die out. 

the test

The interaction with the ball from earlier in the episode makes a lot more sense after watching the training scene. Ahsoka tries to pass a rock back and forth with Grogu, but he refuses. Mando shows his protective side and sticks up for him, but switches places with Ahsoka and soon realizes how he can make Grogu use the force. Show him his favorite toy. 

He quickly pulls it to himself and Mando looks like a father who just watched his son score the winning goal. Ahsoka notices that there is a strong attachment between the two, but how could there not be? Mando is the only reliable figure for the child to rely on since the fall of the Republic. That is a long, long time for the child to be alone in such a large galaxy. 

Ahsoka references how she saw a Jedi Knight lose himself in his attachments a reference to her old Master, Anakin, Ahsoka is fearful of what could be. But, she doesn’t understand how serious it is for them to keep the child out of the hands of the Empire. She knows that they are after him, but not to the extent that we do, a Moff wants this child and he has almost unlimited resources to send for the child. We also know that Mando is now being tracked by Gideon and he could be closing in on him very soon. 

The Town

The common theme for this show is that Mando comes into town, helps to do a job as a favor or for something in return, and then is on his way. That does not change here. He makes a deal with Ahsoka to help take back the town from the Magistrate if she sees to it that Grogu is trained. 

Ahsoka ambushes the city with ease and tricks them by tossing Mando’s armor on the ground in front of them. With the thought of Mando being dead, they will never suspect him popping up to help. But, he does saves some people and then he and the head of the private security have a little stand-off. This is as Western as it can get. These guys having a standoff in the middle of the town and the result is great. The speed of Mando with the gun is incredible and just reinforces the Western feel that is the base of Star Wars. 

Did you see the Loth Cat? 


Ahsoka and the Magistrate duel, where the Magistrate uses her beskar staff to fight. Now this woman can seriously fight, but she can’t best a Jedi. Especially, not Ahsoka Tano. She tries to get the information she needs and drops a name we haven’t heard in a long, long time. 

Grand Admiral Thrawn. The last we saw, was the finale of Rebels when Ezra sacrificed himself to defeat Thrawn as they were both sent into deep space aboard Thrawn’s ship. 

Ahsoka gives the staff to Mando and they share a moment, something that has not been shared between the Jedi and Mandalorians for a while. Ahsoka worked closely with them and knew about their culture and pride and so returning the staff to Mando was a huge moment between them. They have created this new alliance that will eventually grow, I am sure this is not the end of Ahsoka Tano being on The Mandalorian. 

Grogu’s Fate

It seems that his fate will be left up to himself. Ahsoka can’t train the child, but she tasks Mando with taking him to the ancient Jedi Temple on Tython. There, Grogu can reach out through the force and a Jedi can come and find him, but there aren’t a lot of Jedi running around the galaxy like before. 

This is a slim chance and it implies that Mando and Grogu hang out there until someone comes, even if they do. This is troubling because Gideon is tracking him and time is imperative to this Mandalorian. 

I guess we will have to find out more next week. What were your thoughts on this week’s episode? Thank you for reading and remember, utinni. 

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  1. I’m sure of it in the new star wars movie there will be Darth Grogu vs Jedi Rey and the ghost of Jedi Kylo Ren. There has to always be a balance in the force so there is always fighting. I’m assuming Jedi Rey discovered a dark force by the help of ghost Jedi Kylo Ren (who was once a Darth, who saw things that Jedi did not, such as knowing of Darth Grogu and his whereabouts, that Darth Grogu had been hidding on an unknown planet never heard of not seen in the map of the galaxy. Darth Grogu will become the most powerful Darth Lord of all time. However the Mandalorian which Grogu has a strong attachment and trust with actually brings the balance to the force between Darth Grogu and Jedi Rey because boba fett handed Grogu the ball. When the mandalorian Din Djarin died Boba Fett was there with him, Djarin handed Fett that special ball (which baby Grogu took it from Din Djarin’s hands using the force) told boba fett to promised Din Djarin to find Grogu and to tell him that Djarin loved him as his son. The balance and peace between both forces the dark side and the light side finally have a peace treaty because of that one Mandalorian. Years of peace gone by….but how long? It is only a matter of time before betrayal/or framing happens before hell break loose again (if they want to keep the star wars franchise going). Spoiler alert – I think Master Yoda and Master Yaddle are the parents of Grogu. And I think the Mandalorian in the new star wars movie is bobba fett and yes he is alive. These are just my assumptions. But it would be cool!

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