The Mandalorian “The Passenger” Can Be More Important Than We Think

The return of The Mandalorian has been very well received. Fans from all over are absolutely loving everything that they are giving us, from the insight into the Tusken Raiders, to the monsters and beasts of the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian has delivered on expanding our take on Star Wars… and they could be even more.


Along with The Child, the Frog Lady was the center of this episode. Mando needs to get her to her husband to fertilize her eggs, but as we all saw, they hit a small bump in the road and had to take a detour. Peli Motto is the one who set this up and even though she may have just met the Frog Lady only ten minutes before Mando did, we actually had seen her back in season one.

She is sitting in the lefthand corner of the screen.

That’s right, she is in the background of the Mos Eisley Cantina in Chapter 5, “Gunslinger”. She is in the background talking to her dear friend, Mr. Mandible. So, it seems that this episode has been set up for back in season one. The Mandalorian team knows what they are doing, there is no doubt about that. It is certainly something to look forward to knowing that this has been planned out for so long, with the seeds being planted back in season one.

Mando picked her up from Tatooine, where she had remained since then. We do not know if she was looking for a ride then, but judging by the history of that special little cantina that we have seen her in twice now, she was most likely trying to get off the dust ball.


The Child’s absolute favorite snack, the frog eggs were seen in the season 2 trailer. We get to see Frog Lady’s husband walking with the gang as they make their way to the boat on the docks. The husband is supposed to be the connection to finding another Mandalorians, and we see Sasha Banks (rumored to play Sabine Wren) lurking in the shadows behind them.

The Mandalorian creed doesn’t allow for them to take off their helmets and we see Banks’ face in the shot. She could have taken it all off and hid it because the Mandalorians are in hiding and this is her way of surviving. I am sure there is something in the creed that will allow that to slide.

THE next Chapter

As the group is progressing on the docks, we don’t get to see much more, but the Chapter 11 description says that they will run into some new allies. These new allies could be anyone, The Mandalorian team has done a great job with the surprises they’ve given us, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone we are not expecting at all.

Mando is trying to build the connections to help get the child back to his home safely. He has a few clues and knows to look for some sort of sorcerers, but that is about it. Sabine Wren’s past, building such a strong relationship with one of those sorcerers would make her the perfect key to getting them to not only meet but team up and help the child.

The Empire is still after Mando and Sabine and Ahsoka both have some bad experiences with the Empire and so if the Child’s ability to use the force isn’t enough to convince them to help then that certainly will. And if that doesn’t work there is no way Ahsoka wouldn’t be willing to find the mysterious species that thee Master Yoda comes from.

What are your thoughts on this? It seems that Chapter Ten was more important than we originally thought. The team must have mapped out the way Mando makes some allies a while back, Frog Lady has been on Tatooine for a while. It looks like it is a small universe after all.

Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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  1. I never would have noticed Frog Lady in that cantina, thank you for pointing that out. I’m tired of people calling episode 10 “filler.” I’m beginning to suspect none of it is filler, it’s all connected, let’s give the creators some credit here. I’ve still got my fingers crossed to see Ahsoka!

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