The Empire Strikes Back Planets

Hello everyone and welcome to the Star Wars planet series. We are now on the incredible movie that expanded Star Wars, even more, The Empire Strikes Back. Now this movie is one of the most popular with fans and there are very few flaws in it, so I am very excited to talk about the beautiful planets that were featured in the movie.


The first planet that we are going to look at is Hoth. This planet is the 6th inline in the Hoth System and it is one of the coldest planets in the universe, dropping to -60 celsius come nightfall. And for my friends who don’t know celsius that is -76 degrees Fahrenheit. It is located in the outer rim territories of the galaxy.

The planet is home to not much aside from 6 different species of gray snow lizards, one of which is the one we are most familiar with, the tauntaun. Another known species on that planet is the vicious predator animal, the Wampa.

While the Rebels were searching for a new base, Mon Montha delegated the search for a new base to Leia, Han, Chewy, and Luke. They had chosen Hoth to be the home of Echo Base and found the remote, inhospitable environment ideal to hide from the Empire on. And it worked, for a while, until the Empire found them and the major battle, the Battle of Hoth broke out and the Rebels had to flee, once more.

Thanks to the thousands of probe droids that were sent out to search the galaxy the Empire was successful in finding the Rebels within a month of them setting up their base there. It seems that Leia and friends had chosen that ice bucket for no reason.


The next planet that we are going to look at is the hiding spot of Jedi Master Yoda. Kenobi appears to Luke as he begins to lose consciousness and tells him he must travel there to meet Yoda and finish his training on this planet in the Outer Rim territories.

This planet is very strong with the force and this is why Yoda seeks out Dagobah to live out his exile. The planet, similar to Kashyyyk, is living just about everywhere you look. There are plants and creatures in just about every crevice of the planet and therefore the planet reflects the force strongly.

This makes it a perfect place for Luke to learn how to use the force and become a Jedi Master.

The planet is covered with swamps and had lived in every corner, but there was no intelligent life native to the planet. The cave where Luke confronts Vader in a vision is a point of interest, hundreds of years before the clone wars a dark Jedi was killed by Jedi Minch in the cave and his dark energy had tainted the cave with the dark side.

At the outbreak of the clone wars master, Yoda had discovered thirty-eight worlds that were deleted from the Jedi Archives, one of them being Dagobah. Yoda had traveled there and this is where he learned about the planet’s strong connection to the living force and its ability to project the force ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn brightly and powerfully. Yoda would return to this planet after order 66 because he knew that the planet’s natural force projection would help to hide him from being found. On top of that, Yoda had sought refuge by the cave of evil, to further suppress his light side presence.


And finally, the mind-blowingly beautiful planet of Bespin. The planet was located in the outer rim territories of the galaxy and was a giant gas planet that hosted a thin layer of the habitable atmosphere right above its rich deposits of the rare tibanna gas.

This gas was harvested by several mining complexes, one of which being located in Cloud City, Lando’s little complex. As we saw in the movie, it had remained neutral until the Empire had taken over the planet when Vader kept altering the deals

After the Battle of Endor, the planet had revolted and freed itself from what was left of Palpatine’s empire and during the Battle of Exogol and on, the planet had stepped up and was in open rebellion against the First Order.

Interestingly, there was an Ugnaught city located on the planet, Ugnograd. I love that name, I think that is my new favorite Star Wars location. I wonder if our friend Kuiil had visited this city of Ugnaughts.

And there it is for you guys, the Star Wars planets from The Empire Strikes Back, one of my favorite movies and I know many of you will agree.

What is your favorite planet from this movie? Thank you for reading and remember, utinni!

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