Could Baby Yoda Rebuild the Relationship with the Mandalorians?

The Mandalorian has now taken the number one spot as top streamed show in the U.S. and it is one of the greatest things to happen to Star Wars. The Mandalorian, which has introduced The Child, the Yoda’s species baby that is under the protection of the Mandalorian or Din Djarin, one of the remaining Mandalorian’s following the Great Purge. He’s hiding the child from what’s left of the Empire and his journey through season one reflected just that. An extremely exciting and adventurous show started to give us new hope to where Star Wars might go. 

Djarin, who is protecting the child, has two options as given to him by the armorer, who as the leader of their clan, is extremely familiar with the code of the Mandalorians. He can either find the child’s parents and return him safely to them, or he can adopt the child into Mandalorian culture and train him in their ways. 


Djarin expressed in Chapter 8 that the child is too weak to withstand the trials of the Mandalorians and so he will try and return the child to his parents. As we all know in Star Wars canon, there is no origin story for Yoda, Yaddle, or their species. So everything is as big of a mystery to us as it is to Djarin. Luckily, we know he’s Jedi potential and not just some sort of “sorcerer”, but that poses another question, what if his people don’t practice the ways of the Jedi and reflect their force abilities as “sorcery”? 

The child dressed up in Mandalorian armor.

The Child and Djarin’s Bond

We won’t know until later on in the show, I doubt we’ll find out too much vital information, only just hints in season 2 and so the relationship between the child and Djarin will only grow. As seen throughout the first season, the child had a sense of protection for his caretaker and had shown in multiple instances that he is capable of helping to save Djarin’s life, floating the Mudhorn, choking Cara Dune in the arm-wrestling match, and attempting to heal his wounds after the face-off with the Mudhorn. 

The Mandalorian with the child in the razor crest looking for a place to go and find sanctuary.
Disney / Lucasfilm

Djarin, of course, has the same sense of protection, going to extreme lengths to keep the child out of the hands of the Empire and safe. This probably stems from Djarin being a foundling, having lost his parents in the Clone Wars and being taken under the protection of the Mandalorians. Nevertheless, he cares for the child and has undoubtedly built a strong relationship with him and would put his life on the line for the child’s.


As stated in the Childs Existence Theory, he doesn’t necessarily have a family to return to and he is set to exist to help reestablish the Jedi Order and the use of the force for good. 

The child belongs to the force and helping to bring balance to the force by bringing peace back to the galaxy. He has the potential to become the next Yoda and guide the Jedi order for the next 900 years. But he will need to find someone to train him. Could he find someone like Cal Kestis?

The idea that he is a child of the force gives the notion that he has no family to return to and that his species is a part of the galaxy to maintain peace. They could come from a secluded planet that’s hidden itself from a sort of sensors and has remained undiscovered, but then how would someone have gotten the child from his homeworld and to Arvala-7?

His place in the galaxy is to support the Jedi Order and the practice of the light side of the force for protection.


The bond between the child and Djarin will be the link to uniting the Mandalorian’s with the Jedi and ending the conflict that lasted over centuries. The two have a common enemy, as both victims of a great purge to the hands of the Empire, but with the Empire dying and the New Order still yet to rise, that common ground isn’t so strong. 

The Mandalorian and the child in the cantina on Sorgan in Chapter 4. The stars of the successful show, The Mandalorian.
Disney / Lucasfilm

The strongest thing that will stand out to the Jedi is the bond the two have created and the lengths that Djarin had gone to keep him safe. Whatever is left of the Jedi that will take the child in, will be happy to know that a Mandalorian is willing to look past the “sorcery” and bad history with the Jedi to protect the next potential Jedi Master like Yoda. Whether its Ahsoka Tano or Cal Kestis or any other Jedi to take him in and train him they will welcome both with open arms. 


Djarin, the child, and whoever they find to train him may all team up until the child is old enough to protect himself. But, as the Empire scrambles to regain their former glory and the rise of the New Order is imminent, they will need to stay together to all stay safe.

Could this team be there to fight the Empire and the New Order, searching the galaxy for people in need of help? Is that why we saw the Razorcrest in the final battle at the end of The Rise of Skywalker?

What do you think will happen in the seasons to come? Thank you for reading and may the force be with you!

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  1. You raise some interesting possibilities there.

    Honestly the whole Mandalorians vs Jedi thing never made too much sense to me. The canon was built around Boba Fett being a villain, and then fleshed out by the Revan led war between the OLD Republic and the Mandalorians. Even at that point, the Mando culture was being fleshed out to be more of the honorable Samurai warrior type.

    That being the case, taking on the Sith and Empire as enemies seems more logical. Granted thanks to Darth Bane’s rule of two there were fewer Sith to fight.

    1. That’s what I figure, too. Seeing what the Empire can do, almost wiping out both cultures completely. It makes the most sense for them to eventually form an alliance. That way, if Mandalore falls under attack again they can call on the Jedi and the Jedi can do the same if they’re attacked again.
      And the Old Republic war is such ancient history that with the disaster that happened to both it seems holding a grudge wouldn’t be the best move for the Mandalorians. And it’s not the Jedi way to hold a grudge!

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