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The Mandalorian is taking fans by storm and is bridging the gap that The Last Jedi put between fans. The show has been extremely successful, so far and fans are loving the Child. Not to mention, the show answers a lot of questions we’ve had through out the years, ever since A New Hope came out in 1977.

The Sandcrawler has put together a character list to make viewing easier and now here is our planet list. There have been tons of new planets already introduced to the show and here we will show you each one.


The unknown ice planet in The Mandalorian

This is the first planet that we see in the Mandalorian. The ice planet is Maldo Kreis. It is a dangerous planet to be on because of the massive ocean creatures called Ravinaks. They are large tusked carnivorous animals that swim underwater and have the power to break through the ice like nothing. This planet is where Mando got his first bounty, the Mythrol that he froze in carbonite and turned in to Greef Karga.

another unidentified planet in the Mandalorian where he returns to his bounty hunter and Mandalorian guild.

Here is the planet Nevarro in the Mandalorian. This is where he returns with the Mythrol and Child bounties. This is where his bounty hunters guild is and where his Mandalorian tribe hides. It is a volacanic and rocky terrain that looks very unwelcoming. It is host to cantinas similar to Mos Eisley, where the wretched are welcome.

Arvala-7 home to Kuiil and where the bounty, the child, was found.

Arvala-7 is the desert planet that is similar to Tatooine. It is home to Kuiil and the Blurrgs. Kuiil lives his life as a vapor farmer there, finally able to retire and enjoy a peaceful life. Unfortunately that was interrupted when the gang had arrived with the child and bounty hunters were coming from all over the galaxy to recover him. In an attempt to make this world peaceful he helped Mando find the baby. This is also home to the Off-World Jawas and the Mudhorn.

Sorgan the forested planet in the Mandalorian. Where he meets Cara Dune and Omera.

Sorgan is the forested planet we see in Chapter 4 “Sanctuary”. This planet is home to Omera and her small village of krill farmers. Until the Klatooinian raiders it was a peaceful life. This planet was a hope for Mando to go and hide out with the Child and not have to worry about other bounty hunters finding them. He met Cara Dune here, where she and Mando helped the villagers defeat the raiders.

Mos Eisley Space port on Tatooine. One of the most famous locations in all of Star Wars and host to the 5th chapter of The Mandalorian. This where we meet Shand and the shady Bounty Hunter that crosses Mando. This is a desert planet that is a perfect location for those who don’t want to be found.

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  1. Still amazed Disney did something right with this series, lol. It’s INSANE how many new an returning players it’s brought to Star Wars: The Old Republic also. The game population is exploding.

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