Disney Hiatus: What’s Next?

The Rise of Skywalker is about a month away from being released and it will be the final installment to the Skywalker Saga that George Lucas created back in 1977. The film will also be the last Disney Star Wars film for a few years. What will be next for Disney?

The Game of Thrones directors, Benioff and Weiss had backed out of directing their own Star Wars trilogy of movies and recent news is saying the Rian Johnson is officially out of creating a trilogy of his own. There are rumors that the Avengers: Endgame directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, will be getting a chance at creating their own Star Wars story. They had created an exciting film, so it will be cool to see what they can come up with for the Star Wars universe.

Disney has reported that they will be taking a small break from the Star Wars movies back in April because the next movie will not come out until 2022. For people who are nervous about the lack of new Star Wars material, we can at least look forward to the 3 different T.V. shows that Disney plans on making. The Mandalorian will drop on November 12th and the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, according to, Disney reps, have announced that the scripts are written, and they will begin filming in 2020, sometime around Spring or Summer. The show doesn’t have an official name yet, but fans are eager for Ewan McGregor to reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

There are rumors of a spin-off show for Solo, but that is still in the early stages of development but there is nothing set in stone. There are a few different directions they could go and with the Kenobi movie getting turned into a show, we’ll see if they just make a Solo 2.

There is also a new Star Wars video game coming out on November 15th for Star Wars video game fans to immerse themselves into a new story, characters, ships, and planets. The game looks like it has a lot of potential and will be a nice break from the Battlefront series.

The Mandalorian will release next week, on the 12th at 6 A.M. Eastern and 3 A.M. Pacific. Fans are eager to see what it will entail, but there is controversy over requiring a subscription to Disney+. They’ve reported putting about $100 million per episode so they probably expect the show to have some success.

The Mandalorian with his gun taking aim

I am eager to see where Disney Star Wars will be heading post TROS. What are your opinions? Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe. May the force be with you!

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