The Rise of Skywalker Trailer: What You Missed

The Rise of Skywalker final trailer has finally released and it looks like it has the potential to be the best of the sequels. They hint at Palpatine making his return and he points out that “your coming together is your undoing”. There is evidence that the movie will be filled with Jedi and Sith lore connecting back to the original trilogy and the prequels and that it will connect everything. The saddest point in the trailer is we see C-3PO saying one last goodbye to his friends and honestly, it’s probably going to be the saddest moment in all of the Star Wars movies. 

Finally, we will get closure for all these films and J.J. Abrams has confirmed that it will answer a lot of questions that have been raised ever since The Force Awakens. The success of these Star Wars movies has been questionable and has created a rift between fans. This movie is looking to connect the past with the present in a way that all fans will be able to enjoy and hopefully patch that rift. 

Here’s a look at what you may have missed in the trailer III…
Rey training in the forest

The opening shot of the trailer is Rey running through a forest planet training with the same kind of training bots that Luke trained with. The helmet she drops looks similar to the helmet they wear with a face mask so they have to feel the force to deflect the shots. As she runs through the forest she’s deflecting the shots without even looking at them, so that’s probably why she dropped the helmet. She’s out on this remote planet to get in some training probably for the big fight between Kylo Ren and her, or possibly a fight with Palpatine?

Rey jumping in the death star II

Rey is jumping through the remains of the Death Star II and this looks a lot like where Ben Kenobi was when he was shutting down the tractor beam in A New Hope. This means that she could be somewhere close to where the Death Star had blown up, possibly in Yakin or the Forest Moon of Endor.

Finn looking through binoculars

Here is Finn looking through binoculars on a desert planet. Is it Jakuu? The movie is supposed to connect everything else, so they could be on this planet looking for some sort of relic. When this shot is shown, Finn says “the force brought us together” which is important because it’s opposite of Palpatine’s lines, later.


Lando Calrissian makes a return in the final film and he stands, once again, with the rebel alliance. He was a huge component in Return of the Jedi when he redeemed himself for betraying his freind Han. It will exciting to see what he has to say, maybe he’ll talk about his great fight when he helped destroy the Death Star II.

Corvette which is the same ship in A New Hope.

This is a shot of a Correllian Corvette taking off on a jungle looking planet. This is probably where the new hide out for the rebellion is, but this ship is a callback to A New Hope. This is the first ship we’ve seen in all of Star Wars.

Rey is on the Death Star somewhere in the middle of the ocean on the ocean moon Kef Bir. But, she’s saying that she doesn’t really know who she is, but as Ren comes out of the waves and rain and says that he knows her. So, there must be some form of communication between the two again. Perhaps he’s talked to Palpatine in a vision and he’s trying to convert Rey. Or did Palpatine give him a secret on who she really is?

Kajimi the ice planet

The ice planet of Kajimi where Palpatine is supposedly been hiding. This is where his throne is and if you zoom in close enough you’ll see his giant Star Destroyer frozen in the planet. Let’s see why Palpatine is coming back and if he has any connection to Rey.

We see so many different ships, there is, of course, the Millenium Falcon, and also, The Ghost, a Hammerhead, a U-Wing, Resistance Bomber, Halo, Shadow Caster, Republic Medical Frigate, and the Razor Crest, the Mandalorian’s ship, or one that looks like it. There are so many ships gathered around to fight the New Order and free the galaxy. What other ships do you guys see?

finn skipping through the water

This scene is probably Finn skipping through the water trying to catch up to Rey and Kylo Ren. He might know something that Rey doesn’t and that’s why he’s on his way. But the dialogue over this shot was the rest of Palpatine’s line, “is your undoing”. This relates to the close up of Finn earlier and his line of the force bringing them together. The force may have brought Finn and Rey together, but the force is also bringing together Rey and Kylo Ren, which could be the manipulation of Palpatine. Could Snoke have just been a puppet?

C-3PO getting shut down

Here’s that really sad scene of C-3PO getting shut down, but did you notice the battle droid in the background? I wonder where this planet is, but whoever it is working on him must have acquired that somehow, it’ll be interesting if they elaborate on it in the movie. It could also just be some background detail that shows off this mechanic’s history, he’s probably been around for some while to have gotten that.

Leia and Rey hugging

This shot is from The Last Jedi and they were able to take Rey out and put her back in with the clothes that she wears for The Rise of Skywalker. That’s some pretty cool technology and effort that Disney made to keep her incorporated.

Thanks to Lego, we know who the pilot of this ship is. Zorii Bliss, the woman in the purple suit and gold helmet. She also seen in the scene where C-3PO is getting shut down. She’s native to Kijimi, the ice planet that Palpatine is on.

Ren and Rey striking down the helmet stand for Vader

Ren and Rey are striking down the stand that Ren kept Vader’s helmet on. At the end of this scene, just as it fades into the next, you can see Ren extend out his hand and try to stop the mask from falling on the ground with the force. In Rey’s hand, you can see a dagger, it’s the Shikkar Dagger. A piece of sith lore that will probably have something to do with defeating Palpatine. They’ll probably have to go looking for it. That could be what brings them to the Death Star II remains.

Palpatine and Rey in the Rise of Skywalker

Rey and Palpatine finally meet. He looks like he’s on some sort of life support system. I hope we get to see some force lightning. There has been a lot of debate on what is behind Rey, a lot of speculation has said it’s a pit or a drop off, but if you turn up the brightness you can see it’s not. Hopefully, we’ll see if they have an epic battle.

The movie will release December 20th and the hype for the conclusion for the Skywalker Saga is real. This movie has some promise as the closer and because it promises to answer a lot of questions. It will be cool to see the Jedi and Sith artifacts and history. Hopefully, we’ll get much more than the ancient texts. What do you guys think? Did you see anything that’s not included in the article? Let us know! Don’t forget to subscribe and thanks for reading!


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