Concept Trailers

Our team has put together a number of Star Wars concept trailers that are fan made but offer high studio quality; you’ll never know the difference between the official Star Wars trailers and AD_edits. The quality fo these trailers compete with the professionals and are a fan favorite on Youtube!

Any Star Wars fan can appreciate what our editor does, he takes footage that may have nothing to even do with Star Wars and puts it together to make never before seen trailers. With thousands of subscribers and millions of views on Youtube, it’s a wonder why 20th Century Fox hasn’t picked him up yet. Eager for him to help The Sandcralwer, we welcome AD_edits and his talent to the team!

The Kenobi Series trailer is a perfect example of the talent AD_edits is offering. He has produced a movie studio quality concept trailer that introduces something that we have never seen. This trailer is the first of its kind and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. He released this edit shortly after the announcement of the Kenobi Series being confirmed and once again AD_edits has stayed ahead of the curve.

The concept trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is one of the best ones produced. Not only is this concept trailer food for thought, but it blows the official Star Wars trailer out of the water. The hype that has been building over the past few years for the conclusion of the new Star Wars saga is finally going to come to conclusion. Are you guys ready? Do you think Disney will eventually make any more Star Wars films?

Check out AD_edits and his many other videos on Youtube and subscribe to his channel for more! The best concept trailers on Youtube and the most creative!

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