Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars is releasing a new video game that is a third-person action-adventure. The video game will be releasing on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 15th. It will take place in the Star Wars universe shortly after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. With the Empire taking its firm hold on the galaxy, we’ll be following a force-sensitive human, Cal Kestis, who escaped Order 66. EA Star Wars has released an official trailer for the videogame just a few days ago and it looks like it will be a refresher from the Battlefront series.

The video game looks like it’ll be jam packed with action and adventures for a young Jedi to grow into a master. The trailer gives glimpses on the gameplay that we’ll need to expect. Cal is one of the last surviving Jedi’s and it is the mission of the Empire to eradicate any remaining Jedi. They will stop at nothing to find Cal and the rest of his rebel friends.

Lets Take a Look at Some of the Moments from the Trailer…

The glimpse of who the main characters of the video game for Fallen Order will be
  1. Here are the main heroes of the video-game storyline. From left to right is Cere, Cal, and Green Dritus. There isn’t much known about each of these characters yet, but they will play a pivotal role in the survival of the Rebels in the early stages of the Empire. They look like a rag-tag team of individuals who will put up a good fight and give hope to innocent people all over the galaxy. The video game will introduce tons of new characters along with new planets.
Cal is the main character for the game and we will follow his journey

2. It looks like our main character is opening some ancient Jedi door as he searches for something. But who is on his shoulder? That’s BD-1 and your main companion for the game. Similar to the droid in the Battlefront 2’s single-player mode, ID10, he will probably help with opening doors, storing information, and help access other areas. It will also be nice to not wander the galaxy entirely alone.

The Second Sister, a very deadly woman who was trained by Darth Vader himself.

3. This scary looking woman is the Second Sister and was personally trained by Vader himself. We’ve seen who the second sister is and their team in Star Wars Rebels. As we see in the trailer, she’s real strong with the force and will pose a serious threat to Cal and his crew. Her helmet looks like a combination of Vader and Kylo Ren’s. Perhaps she was the inspiration for Ren’s mask?

Gorgara the Chirodactyl is a monster that will be in the game. We'll be fighting her and we got a glimpse of Cal riding her back

4. Gorgara the Chirodactyl makes an appearance in this video game and it shows off the sheer size of this beast. The bat-owl hybrid looking monster is a local legend on her native planet and is feared all over the galaxy. We’ll have a battle with her and we see Cal riding her, too. It will be exciting to see what happens between the them. Will we be able to tame her and use her to help fight the Empire?

The ninth sister isa big scary looking monster. She's deadly and trainer well.

5. This girl looks like he is the Star Wars Thanos. She’s big, menacing, and works for the Empire’s sisters. This is the ninth sister and she seems like she is going to be a fun challenge in the game. Her whole look is terrifying but it will be exciting to have to face her, along with the other sisters. She’s from the comics and Darth Vader had them run some “errands” for him.

Lightsaber battle between Cal and the second sister. the lightsaber combat will be great in this game and it will be a nice change of pace from the Battlefront series.

6. The lightsaber battles for this game look like they will be epic. The lightsaber combat in The Force Unleashed was great and the ability to use the force as well as Starkiller, so hopefully this game will blow that one out of the water. With all the strides made in technology since the release of The Force Unleashed, Jedi: Fallen Order should be full of action packed high resolution lightsaber battles. Will it be as great as the final battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin at the end of Episode III?

The overall release for this game looks like it will be exciting and a nice change of pace from what the Battlefront series has been putting out. With a whole lot of new characters and planets, the video game will be fully immersive and allow us all to get lost in the Star Wars universe, once again. November will be an exciting month for Star Wars fans everywhere, The Mandalorian will release on the 12th and Jedi: Fallen Order only a few days later. The Star Wars universe is expanding, are you ready to fight Palpatine and the Empire in this newest installment?

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